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Quotation Form

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    Fort Knox, spare nothing.I want the highest tech security with remote monitoring and all the bells and whistlesStandard security with smart cameras and an alarm system.Basic system that fits into a tighter budget.None of the above

    My budget for security is R1.5M or R500k or R250k or >R50k

    Smart, premium, integrated system that keeps things neat and tidy.Basic cost effective video intercom.Where do you want gate stations? And which rooms do you want intercoms in?Biometrics? Fingerprint readers? Tag readers? Facial recognition for access control?

    My budget for Access control is R200k, R100k, R50k, >R30k

    Enterprise level premium, top of the range WiFi for uncompromised speed, signal and connectivity.Premium WiFi throughout the whole houseBasic WiFi throughout the houseOutdoor WiFi for the garden? Yes/No

    My budget for the network is: R1M, R500k, R200k, R100k, R50k

    I want to be able to turn up. Give me a bangin’ systemI love background audioI just want some very basic soundI’d like audio in the following rooms

    My budget for audio is: R1M, R500k, >R100k

    I want to see everything everywhere with a matrix. Multiple DSTV, CCTV and Apple TVs in HD to all TVs. And smart remotes to control it all as if it was a single system.I’m happy with basic 3 DSTV decoders. One going to each TV.I just want Smart TVs. No matrix or decodes.

    My budget for HD TV is R1M, R500k, >R100k

    I want my own dedicated cinema with Dolby Atmos. It’s going to blow mindsI want a TV lounge with surround sound for movies.I just want a basic soundbar and sub for the lounge.

    My Cinema budget is R3M, R1M, R500k, R250k, >R100k

    I want a smart lighting system that allows me to control all of the lighting in the home, with beautiful architectural keypads to match the interiors.I just want smart lighting in my entertainment area, to simplify it, because there are a lot of lights in that area. The rest of the house can be on old school switches for each circuit.I don’t want a lighting system.

    My lighting control budget is R2M, R1M, R500k, R200k

    I want a premium, integrated system that makes it simple to control everything from a single touch panel and app.I’d like some basic integeration.I’d rather save the cash and am happy to control Alarm, CCTV, TV, DSTV, Audio, Underfloor heating, shades, aircons, doors and gates, lights, intercoms, all with their own remotes, keypads, touch panels, key fobs and switches.

    My budget for a control system is: R500k, R250k, >R100k