Why we love Control4 smart home automation

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Why we love Control4 smart home automation

We love Control4 at D-One. It allows us to extend the ultimate convenience and control to our clients. Everyone wishes electronics could be more simple, and this is exactly what Control4 achieves.

Lighting is an important part of design. With Strip lights, bulkhead lights, chandeliers, pendants, downlights and feature lights all in one installation, controlling them can become a mission on its own. Control4 allows us to create scenes that match our lifestyle and how we want our space to work for us. We can set a mood, and the space transitions at the touch of a button.

D-One is a certified Control4 integrator and serves the Cape Town region for Smart Home Automation.

Control4 can integrate the following services include Lighting, Audio-visuals, Security, Access & Communication. Having one interface for the whole house makes things simpler. No need for wall acne keypads everywhere and 5 remotes on the coffee table.

My house wakes me up with a customised playlist in my bedroom every morning. And Alexa gives me voice control, so I don’t even have to push a button for lights and music.

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