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D-One was contracted to provide security, networking and audiovisual solutions to a project in Cape Town, for one of South Africa’s most influential families.

The brief is to install high level security and surveillance systems, with remote off-site monitoring and armed response.

D-One setup a comprehensive alarm system with control via smartphone, which also controls access. This allows the client and their security representative remote control of the security and access, using an app.

Security spotlights will be turned on automatically when an alarm is triggered, to illuminate the property.

Thermal cameras identify intruder forms, and trigger alarms to off-site monitoring. The cameras have built in analytics which means they are able to differentiate between humans and other moving objects. This provides a superior intruder alert system. The off-site monitoring system is automatically alerted when the cameras identify the heat signature of a human body on the property. The armed response are able to analyse the footage, and choose whether to respond in realtime.

The client and their security representative will be able to view the cameras remotely via their smartphones.

The house has been setup with fibre for high speed internet and WiFi throughout. The network also forms the backbone for the IP camera system and music system. D-One is working with the family’s dedicated IT support company, to setup the relevant network security systems. D-One arranged all of the infrastructure and had the network configured before the building was finished.

For the audio solution, D-One made use of a new opportunity. BOSE has recently partnered with D-One, to serve their custom market in Cape Town, having formerly only been available via retail channels.

D-One is busy setting up invisible, in-ceiling music for the entertainment areas inside and outside. The TV lounge has a Lifestyle 650 surround sound system with a single remote control. This makes things a lot simpler. One remote for TV, DSTV, Apple TV, Xbox, Surround sound, Netflix etc. No need for 5 remotes on the coffee table. The system is very neat and easy to install.

The music throughout the whole house will be controlled via the client’s smart-phone. They can stream any song from integrated internet music streaming services, in any room, or all together. Each zone can be controlled separately, or as a group. The interface is simple, and easy to use.

A special feature is that the client is able to turn off the rear speakers and subwoofer from her phone. This is in place so that when her son is playing Xbox war-games, she’s able to reduce the racket coming from the TV room surround sound, remotely.

The BOSE audio is being added after the build, fortunately it’s very easy to retrofit.

The client liked the idea of being able to answer their door when they’re not home, so D-One is setting up a smartphone intercom system. There are 2 handsets in the house with video monitors, and their iPhone will also ring when someone buzzes at the gate. Clients will be able to see people and communicate with them at the gate, as well as let them in, should they choose to.

This is a fast moving project. The build is a renovation, so D-One had to manage cable infrastructure in an existing building. Working closely with the design team, we were able to setup a solid infrastructure. With tight timelines we are ensuring that the job is done in time and to spec.

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